T1: all-in-one Forcible Entry Tool for Special Tactics Applications

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Holmatro T1 Forcible Entry Tool-2

Whether it’s breaching doors, cutting locks or lifting roller doors:  WITH THE T1, YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB.

Multifunctional Tool

  • T1 is the only tool that can hammer, cut, spread, lift, wedge and ram. This way, you'll always have the right tool for the job.
  • Having all these functions in one tool also saves weight and space in your vehicle.
  • The wedge is detachable, meaning no second person or tool is needed for creating the first gap.

Optimized cutting blades and jaw design

  • T1 can easily cut rebar, chain and padlock.
  • It can cut up to ø18 mm/0.7 inches of round bar (S235).
  • You can easily replace the cutting blades when they are damaged.

Two-stage pump

  • High power transmission gives you a maximum cutting force of 14.2 ton/31.248 lbf and a maximum spreading force of 3.4 ton/5 845 lbf.
  • This means you'll need less energy or breathing air, compared to traditional tools.
  • T1 is a stand-alone tool, so you won't need batteries or an external pump

Spreading tips

  • For opening heavy doors in a controlled way.
  • Load-holding function makes the tool suitable for (progressive) lifting.
  • You can also use the spreading tips to create space in vehicles.

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